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4 Rising Health Influencers To Watch in 2018


There's something captivating about watching someone’s Instagram story and posts from the gym as they are breaking a sweat, or when they’re in the kitchen whipping up savory smoothie bowls. And while we love getting our daily dose of fitness and meal inspiration from top influencers like Massy Arias and Cleopatra Lee, there are a number of yogis, trainers, and health-obsessed individuals who are on the rise, and are consistently dishing out the workout and cooking content that will help you achieve your wellness goals. We’re highlighting four budding health influencers that we’ve previously featured on our YouTube show, “Who We’re Sweating This Week,” which lets you know whose follow button you need to hit ASAP!

1. Breanna Danielle (@plantbasedbre)

Like her Instagram handle notes, Breanna Danielle is a foodie that is passionate about living a plant-based diet. Danielle’s feed is packed with nutritious meal ideas as it features everything from hearty lunches to delicious desserts. The food based foodie recently released two cookbooks to help you cook with less meat and add more greens to your diet.

2. Shamira West (@shamirawest)

Shamira West is a fit woman that does it all! West is a yoga instructor, nutrition coach, and personal trainer that sticks to a vegan diet. Her video and photo posts showcase her life in the gym and as a yogi. Her blog also highlights her favorite recipes and tips for maintaining overall wellness.

3. Brandi (@stay_snatched)

Brandi is a self-proclaimed “fitness fanatic” who shares the meals she chefs up, and provides followers with an up-close look at her sweat sessions. She runs a food and fitness platform called that followers can visit for recipes, blog posts, and workout playlists.

4. Asia Milia (@curves.n.cardio)

Motivating is one word to describe Asia Milia’s posts on Instagram! Our passionate Sweat Sister has currently lost 50 pounds along her fitness journey and continues to post her gym sessions, prepped snacks, and meals to provide inspiration to her growing fanbase.

Be sure to watch our YouTube show, “Who We’re Sweating This Week” to check out the fitness influencers featured above and many more!

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