4 Reasons Why Bananas Are The Best Pre and Post Workout Snack


Today’s diet culture often tells us to follow eating fads and trends that aren’t always the best for our bodies. One recent tip going around in health communities is that bananas are no longer good for us and are the equivalent of eating junk foods like cookies or fries.



Despite the buzz about the delicious yellow fruit being called the culprit for belly fat, we shared on our Instagram that bananas will always reign supreme in our book and many of our sweat sisters agreed. @dancerella1980 said, “Society now hears the word sugar and now everything is bad. Not knowing it’s a naturally occurring sugar which the body knows how to break down perfectly. The potassium is great after a workout” while @dees_wifey14 expressed, “Bananas have already been my go to. Pre or post workout. And they also helped when I get leg cramps. They are a constant on my grocery shopping list.”

Below, we’re running down the 4 reasons why bananas will always be one of our sweat sisterhood’s favorite pre and post workout snacks.

1. They’re packed with vitamins and nutrients.

You’ll get a dose of all your vitamins and minerals by grabbing a banana before or after a sweat session. From Vitamin C to Potassium, bananas provide immense health benefits. Plus, a single peeled banana is only 110 calories!

2. They contain fiber.

It is reported that a single banana contains 3 grams of fiber. Munching on this fruit regularly will ensure that you stay and full and focused throughout the day and that your digestive system runs at peak efficiency.

3. Provide a daily serving of what your body needs to stay energized.

Our body is fueled off of carbohydrates and bananas are packed with enough carbs and healthy amounts of sugar to help you stay fueled throughout the day.

4. They are the perfect way to thicken a smoothie.

They taste amazing by themselves but even better in a smoothie. Adding a few pieces of this fruit to your smoothie can help add a little extra flavor and thickness to your drink. Check out two of our favorite recipes: Strawberry and Banana Smoothie and Banana-Berry Bliss Smoothie Recipe.

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