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4 Quick Dorm Room Exercises To Tone Your Body


After an 8 am lecture or working a campus job, your motivation to hit the gym starts to fizzle. Even when you can slip in a quick workout, your campus rec center could be a 30-minute roundtrip walk away and in the words of Kimberly "Sweet Brown" Wilkins… “ain’t nobody got time for that.” To tone your body with a busy schedule and without equipment, here are 4 Dorm Room exercises that leave you free of excuses:

1. Bulgarian Split Squats

Place one foot on a chair and bend your opposite leg while facing away from the chair to complete one Bulgarian split squat. Remember to keep your thigh parallel to the ground. Do ten reps, then switch legs and do ten more. Bulgarian Split Squats tone your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Watch this video to see how you can replicate this exercise:

2. Forearm Plank

To complete a forearm plank, your elbows should be directly under your shoulders and your hands locked together. The key is to keep your hips down and hold your core. Hold the Forearm plank for about 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Although the forearm plank attacks the arms, it can work to tone the entire body. Forearm planks strengthen your: triceps, biceps, abdominals, and quads. To see how your body should be properly positioned, watch this video below.

3. Leg Lifts

Leg lifts can be done with your back pressed against the floor, hands beside your hips, and lifting your legs at a 90-degree angle. When you lower your legs, be sure to resist letting them drop to the ground. Repeat this for about 15 reps. Leg Lifting works your: abdominals, obliques, and hip flexors. Want to make sure that you are using perfect form? Watch this video for a demonstration.

4. T Push-ups

To perform the perfect T Push Up, push your weight up as you would a regular pushup and then shift your weight to your right side, lift your left arm off the floor, and rotate your torso so you’re in a high side plank with your feet slightly apart. Balancing your legs and torso is essential. That’s one rep. Repeat this for ten reps on each side. T push-ups target: chest, triceps, shoulders, core, lats, adductors, abductors. This might be one of the most difficult exercises of them all. Here's a video that goes into depth about the details of a T push-up. 

Figure out what parts of the body you want to transform and work hard to tone those muscles. Consistency is a significant part of toning your body so if you find the time to squeeze in an exercise; you can do so in the comfort of your dorm. For more bodyweight exercises, read  8 Bodyweight Exercises to Do in Your Dorm on Greatist so your grades aren't the only solid thing this semester!

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