4 No-Heat Natural Hairstyles to Rock This Spring


Spring is almost here and the change in seasons means it is the perfect time to shake things up and try out a few new hairstyles. We suggest putting down the heat styling tools and wearing heat-free looks so you can not only rock unique styles from March to June but protect your hair from heat damage too! We’ve rounded up a list of the best no-heat hair tutorials that will have your curls and coils looking bomb all season long. Check them out below:

1. Perm Rod Sets

Defined curls are every naturalistas dream, which is why perm rods are perfect! These curlers can be purchased at your local beauty supply store for less than $5 per pack and depending on what size rods you buy you can create tight ringlets or bouncy big curls on your hair with absolutely no heat. Watch the video to see how beauty vlogger Actually Ashly uses perm rods!

2. Twist-Outs

Twist-outs are a great go-to style for natural girls because they’re simple and can last for days. You can choose to rock the twists as they are or take them down to create a fluffy fro. See how beauty content creator Luhhsetty does her twist-outs below!

3. Braids

Whether you’re heading to the beach for spring break and don’t want to worry about your hair or just need an effortless hairdo for your everyday errands, braids are always an ideal choice. Hair vlogger NaturalNeiicey demonstrates how to achieve “2 Chic Braids” in this video!

4. “Blowouts”

You can still achieve that freshly blown out look without picking up a flat iron or blow dryer at all. YouTuber Naptural85 shows how easy it is to transform a twist-out or even a roller set into “blown out” looking hair in a few easy steps. Take a look at her tutorial!

Which styles do you plan on trying? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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