4 Must-Know College Party Safety Rules

You’re sitting in your bed, flipping through your phone, and simultaneously rubbing your aching feet as you reflect on the party you just now returned from. The next question of course is, “did you have a good time?”
Maybe you did.... maybe you didn’t.

It all depends on who you were with, what you were doing and if you were safe.

Yes we know you’re sweaty and tired… but did you make sure you and your friends were all safe?

The plethora of party horror stories, myths and tall tales that have emerged from campus dormitories are terrifying. The stories of girls left at parties and friends recorded throwing up are endless, yet they are all true realities of the unsafe situations people get themselves in. Whether it be underage drinking, drugs or sketchy situations, keeping yourself and your friends safe is the MAIN priority. NOTHING ELSE. Here are four ways to have fun and stay our of harms way:

1. The numero uno rule for staying safe during ANY college party is to STAY SQUADED UP!
Before you arrive at your party destination, get every person’s number that you showed up with in order to help find them later on that night. That means you must come and leave with the same girls - no if, ands or buts about it! In order to make sure everybody you came with is OK, enter and exit the party together to keep up with each other’s whereabouts. Yes of course it’s annoying during the party to search for that one girl who always disappears, but you cannot leave her there!

2. Know your school’s address.
Yes, this seems like common sense BUT when you are in the middle of nowhere and you must GPS your way back to school, KNOW YOUR SCHOOL’S address. It will save you time and energy to get back to campus safer. Also memorize your school’s public safety number… just in case. You never what may happen.

3. Have necessities backed up and ready in case of emergency.
Always bring an external charger for your phone in case it dies, and have enough data on your phone in case you need to use apps or GPS. If you dance heavily, keep a small water bottle in your bag in order to stay hydrated!

4. Know how you are getting to and from whatever event you are going to.
Are you catching a ride from a friend? Are you catching public transit? Are you calling a cab? All of these questions should be figured out before you leave your dorm in order to save time and money. If you are unsure of how you are getting around, DO NOT rely on strangers! Either catch the public transit or catch a cab in order to make sure you get home safely.
All in all have fun and stay safe! In order to truly enjoy your college experience, don’t be afraid to live a little, but also stay aware of your surroundings when you are around others. Remain close to your friends and realize that not everybody has your best interest at heart so always stay with people you trust.
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TEEN REPORTER (Celebs) | Clarissa Brooks is a sophomore at Spelman College who reports on topics that directly affect youth culture. The 19 year-old reporter enjoys reading feminist literature, writing about sex, politics and celeb gossip. She hopes to one day be the Editor In Chief of a music magazine and a respected figure in hip hop media developing dynamic content for her generation.