4 Lessons You Need To Remember While Dating


Do you want a fairytale romance? I know I do. When I'm watching a Disney movie or rom-com, I love seeing the couple come together at the end. While you may believe happy endings only occur in films or storybooks, I am here to tell you that's not true. You deserve to experience a fulfilling and healthy relationship as well. As you navigate the dating world, there are a few tips to keep in mind to help you cultivate a well-rounded relationship with your current or future partner. Ahead, I share four must-know dating lessons that I've learned along the way. Bookmark this article because you'll want to refer back to it from time to time.

1. Balance

In a healthy relationship, you do not have to isolate yourself from your friends and family in order to focus on your partner. You can be close to your family and your partner. Your partner should never make you choose. If you ever find yourself choosing between your partner and your family, consider having a discussion with your significant other. Communication will allow you both to discuss your stance on a pressing issue.

2. Do Not Beg For Decency

Respect shouldn't be a compromise. Two people who love and care about each other will treat each other with a substantial amount of respect. I once found myself involved in a disrespectful relationship. I stayed in the relationship and would beg my partner to treat me with respect. My partner never showed respect and acted as if I was asking for too much. I gathered my courage and I decided to leave. This taught me you should not have to beg for your significant other to treat you with decency. 

3. Do Not Share Relationship Problems On Social Media

Social media is an amazing place where we can share status updates and pictures within a few seconds. Although social media is a place to share parts of our lives, it is not the place to publicize issues that occur in your relationship. Placing your relationship issues on an online platform makes room for gossip. When a problem occurs in a relationship, let your partner know. If you need outside advice on how to handle the issue, talk to a trusted friend or family member.

4. Find Your Love Language

Your love languages refer to the way you communicate your love to another person and the way you like to be shown love. A person should know their own love language as well as their partners love language. Once you identify them, you and your partner can find ways to meet each other's needs. My main love language is acts of service, which means I appreciate the small acts my partner does for me. For example, I feel loved when my partner cleans up and organizes my space while I am resting. You can take a quiz to find your love language here.

What lessons have you learned in your dating experience? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Zakiya Payne is a Multimedia Journalism major at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. The first-generation student enjoys writing in her journal, telling corny jokes, and shopping! A Mantra that she repeats daily is, “I am busy becoming the woman of my dreams!”