4 Hot Leggings To Spice Up Your Workout


Have you ever started a workout only to think to yourself, "I have on the wrong leggings?" Not every type of leggings will be right for your workouts because they come in different styles and can serve other purposes, such as for traveling or casual style. When choosing leggings, it can be easy to only gravitate toward the athletic brands you know, but other styles can provide something different for your sweat session. Here are 4 hot leggings that will spice up your workout:

Style and Prints

Fabletics has diverse styles and prints of leggings for any workout. If you need leggings for yoga, running, cycling, or the gym, Fabletics has got you covered. They are also known for deals on their leggings with a current sale of 2 for $24!

The Fit

Gymshark leggings are all about the fit, and the durability will allow you to run, squat, and lunge as much as you need to. If you’re looking for a stretchy, but high-quality type of legging to wear when you workout then these are the pair for you. Order online to find the best fit!

Technology Friendly 

Champion has a variety of styles, but their new high waisted leggings with pockets are great for your workout whether you’re doing cardio or strength training. And if you have an hourglass figure high waisted leggings are always the way to go. Not to mention the technology, who doesn't love being able to slip their phone in their pocket? You can find these tech-friendly leggings at your local Target.

For Pretty Girls Who Sweat

Who wouldn't want to walk into the gym wearing the most stylish olive green leggings? PETTY GIRLS SWEAT not only has tops but leggings in multiple colors for everyone to rock! You and your Sweat Sisters can now all be in formation as you break a sweat during your workout with these "Olive You" leggings

While it's important to know what you want to get out of your leggings before buying them, actually exercising in them is the ultimate test. Consider trying these options to make your workout hotter and let us know which pair of leggings you're sweating over the most in the comments BELOW!

Elon Graves is an 18-year-old with eager plans to change the world. She is a sophomore at Arizona State University with a major in journalism focus in PR and minor in Spanish. Elon has worked for Pretty Girls Sweat as both a Teen Diaries Writer and Social Media/Editorial Intern. Along with writing, Elon takes up a passion for the arts through dance. She is also a member of Next Generation Service Corps, a rigorous program that develops students to be leaders in all sectors of business. The artistic writer and dancer has plans to use her platform to bring more opportunities to young people in the future.