4 At Home Workout Videos Every Sweat Sister Needs To Try


We look to YouTube tutorials to teach us everything from how to achieve the perfect contour to how to prepare meals in a flash, so why not learn new workout routines from the video sharing platform as well? Countless vloggers upload full-body as well as targeted fitness videos to the site every day that will help you break a sweat from head to toe. Check out these four must-watch workout videos that will help you get in shape without having to leave your home:

1. Shameless Maya’s Booty Workout

Burn fat, gain muscle, and build a better butt with the help of Shameless Maya and her trainer and boyfriend OMGSTRENGTH. The 10 exercises demonstrated in the video show you the proper way to achieve a backside you love.


2. Blogilate’s Low Impact Full Body Workout

Work your arms, abs, obliques, and booty with this low impact routine from top influencer Blogilates. This total body workout is the perfect way to stretch and strengthen muscles during sweat sessions.

3. Jungle Barbie’s Arm Toning Fitness Routine

Say hello to the arm routine that requires no equipment, no pushups, and no dumbbells. Regularly following Jungle Barbie’s workout tutorial will leave you with toned arms in no time.

4. Koboko Fitness’s Lower Body Workout

Toning up your glutes, legs, and thighs has never been simpler. This easy-to-follow tutorial made by Koboko Fitness consists of variations of lunges and squats and requires no equipment at all.

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