4 Healing Gemstones That Can Boost Your Fitness Motivation



Ding dong! I ran to the door, “Hurry, Sally’s here!” I threw open the door. “Hi Sally, come on in!” We run into the playroom. Sally was excited, but a little confused. She turned to my mom, pointed to me, and said: “She can talk?” That was the beginning of my journey to understand Selective Mutism, the disorder that I was later diagnosed. 
Selective mutism is an inability to speak and communicate effectively in certain social situations where I do not feel safe. Due to this, it was always harder for me to make friends. People with selective mutism also struggle with all or nothing thinking, thinking in extremes. Since I started on the wrong foot of not talking to people in kindergarten, I thought it always had to be this way with the school kids in my hometown. I struggled with depression in high school because it was hard for me to make and keep friends. When I started college, though, I was able to break out of my shell as it was a new environment, and nobody there knew that I was previously reticent. However, I still had my anxious and sad moments.  


I craved anything that had the power to "heal" me. At first, I did not receive the gemstones' full healing benefits because I did not know how to properly use them (which is by cleaning and activating them and setting intentions). Who knew that the people who touched them previously in the store rubbed off all of their bad vibes onto them? Not me! Until one day, I went to a gemstone store that also provided Reiki. The Reiki Practitioner did Reiki on me to cleanse my aura. Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy, and Reiki healers can transfer this energy with their hands through the power of intention. Awesome right? The Reiki Practitioner told me she picked up on the bad vibes from my place of work and explained how my coworkers bothered me and got under my skin. Yikes! I did not tell her anything about my job; she just knew. I was shocked because she was so right. I was working at a summer camp, and I loved working with the kids. However, I always felt on edge because my coworkers loved to joke around, not just with me but with everyone. The problem was that I got personally offended by EVERYTHING and was so sensitive.



I ended up buying an Aquamarine gemstone from that store because the owner told me it would be perfect for me. Aquamarine is a very calming and soothing stone that protects against negative energies so that it would protect me from the negative energy at my job. Before I purchased it, she infused it with Reiki energy, meaning she activated the gemstone’s healing properties. The next day, I placed the gemstone in my pocket. At work, nothing changed about the situation or the people, but my feelings changed. I found myself able to remain calm and not be so sensitive to what my coworkers were saying to me. I was able to see the situation for how it was and not overthink it. This was my first real experience with gemstones, and I thought, “Wow! These gemstones work”. I believe I experienced the real benefits of Aquamarine due to her activating my gemstone with Reiki.


After this fantastic experience, I became a Reiki healer myself, so I could continue on my healing journey and also help others. I am now able to reiki infuse all of my gemstones to activate them. I decided to take this a step further by creating my jewelry and enabling it through reiki. I want everyone to receive the same excellent healing benefits as I did, which is why I started Glam Grace Gems, where my motto is “Heal Yourself in Style!” I believe it is best to wear your gemstones as jewelry because that way, you are getting their full healing benefits, and all the positive energy is flowing around your body!


According to Science, gemstones hold the power for our healing because they can transfer positive energy into our body and release negative, toxic energy. Gemstones work through channeling our energy levels, causing our body to heal from the inside. They can do this because each crystal has its vibration and frequency that emerge from their molecular composition. Gemstones act as a magnet and absorb the negative energies and welcome fresh vibes. We all have a vibration that the universe is always responding to. For example, when we put out positive energy, we attract positive experiences. Likewise, if we put out negative energy, we will attract negative experiences. Since gemstones vibrate at the same pitch as humans, they can increase the healing abilities already within us. Due to this, when you hold or wear a crystal, you start to feel better and at peace.


There are soooo many different kinds of gemstones with different healing properties. From being able to express yourself, to finding self-love to giving you a motivation boost to workout. There’s no problem, healing gemstones cant fix. But today I am here to tell you about the BEST ones to boost your confidence and find the strength to love your body enough to give it the exercise it needs. Did you miss a few workouts and all of a sudden your struggling to get back on your sweat grind? Have no fear because we discovered the perfect healing gemstones to get you back to dripping with sweat at the gym again!



Tigers eye gives you the strength to think and act like a Tiger! This stone will help you clearly focus on your fitness goals and will help you be determined to reach them without being clouded by your negative self-talk so that you can reach your goals. It recognizes your needs even when you do not, and helps you to take action on those needs, such as giving your body the exercise it needs each day. Not everyone wants to exercise, but Tigers Eye helps you realize that you need to and it will help you grow and prosper in the fitness world. This stone is strongly associated with bringing courage, self-confidence, and strong will power.


If you are feeling embarrassed to go to the gym because you feel like you will not fit in or you are not confident in your fitness abilities, sodalite is the stone for you. Sodalite helps balance our emotions and helps us accept ourselves for who we are and encourages our journey to self-improvement. When we feel confident in ourselves and our emotions are balanced it is a lot easier to stay motivated and focused on our fitness goals. Sodalite is also perfect to wear during a yoga session because it can help us find our inner truth and the ultimate truths that have been confusing us in our lives.


Citrine is the stone of achievement. It will help you gain the confidence to pursue your fitness goals and achieve them with ease. This stone also boosts self-esteem and will teach you that you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to, as long as you work for it. Wearing citrine will make you feel extra motivated to reach your goals and you will realize that you are unstoppable. This precious stone also gives you the willpower to not give up and push yourself to your true limit, not the fake limit we tell ourselves.



Carnelian is a potent motivation crystal and helps us spring into action when we are feeling lethargic, perfect for assisting us in moving our butts off the couch, and straight to the gym! Or, if you work from home, get up and jump right into those at-home exercises. If you set your intention for this crystal to help you gain energy and motivation during your workout, I promise you will begin to see amazing results and feel empowered to push yourself to the next level!


By now, your thinking, “Wow, these gemstones sound amazing. How can I get my hands on one?” Glad you asked, check out, where you can order your very own workout motivation healing gemstone bracelet or choker necklace. Each product is reiki infused and ready to help you kick start your fitness journey!


Each product also comes in a beautiful hand-painted wooden box for you to keep your gemstones in while you sleep at night!


Grace Mastronardi is a Senior at Rutgers University studying Communications and Digital Media. The New Jersey native is also a contributing writer for Her Campus Rutgers. When she’ s not writing, she can be found drinking smoothies, swimming in the ocean, painting on a canvas or hiking with her precious dog Teddy!