4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp


After a long tiring day at school or work, it’s tempting to just curl up in bed and watch a night full of Netflix. Although it is great to take a break and relax, there are still things you can do to keep your brain active.

1. Watch Foreign Films (with subtitles)

If you take a foreign language at school, watching a movie in that language will help a lot. Not only will you be refreshing your memory for a test, but you will learn little things like slang, or how they might say things in a different way. Also, listening to foreign music will help. It’s super easy to create a Pandora playlist of the language of your choice! And if you’re not taking a language, it’s still enjoyable to watch.

2. Drawing/Painting/Coloring

Not only is drawing and painting fun, but these activities stimulate your brain! They improve creativity, problem-solving skills, and memory. If you don’t necessarily enjoy drawing or lack that skill, color! Coloring can be very therapeutic and it’s fun!

3. Catch Up on Current Events

Making sure you’re informed on the recent news is very important. And no not necessarily which celebrity is dating who. But being caught on relevant world news is important especially since a lot of big decisions are in the process of being made. You don’t want to be out of the loop. This will help to get your brain thinking and work on problem-solving.

4. Stay in Your Routine:

If you have a routine, it is easy to sometimes be lazy and skip a step or two. Don’t. Not only will you regret it later, but having a routine and memorizing it can help with your memory skills and teaches you to be more organized. If you have a skincare routine, stick with it. A haircare routine, stick with it. Plans, stick with it. Just because you may not have school or work that day doesn’t mean that the world has paused.

These are some ways to keep your brain active and informed while still relaxing. Not only are you improving your brain, but hopefully having fun while doing it!

A native of Washington DC, Aaliyah identified her passion for journalism at the age of nine when she met Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child. Her curiosity compelled her to ask Michelle questions about her life and career, and that is when Aaliyah realized journalism is something she wanted to pursue. Since then, she has gone on to interview some of the top names in the entertainment and sports industries including Questlove, Kelly Price and Zach LaVine. Aaliyah currently lives in Minnesota with her parents and little brother. She plays volleyball and runs track. She also plays the viola.