4 Black Designers and Stylists Who Shape the Fashion World


February marks Black History Month, a time in which African-American’s are celebrated and honored for their contribution to U.S. History. Aside from important inventions and movements that impacted this nation, fashion has contributed to the plight of Black history. The fashion industry is the home of all things glamorous, but the lack of diversity within the coveted career field has been a constant issue. Thursday marked the start of New York Fashion Week. So, in the spirit of celebration and style, here are 4 African-American designers that continue to shape and contribute to the fashion world.

1. Shiona Turini: Born and raised in the beautiful island of Bermuda, Shiona Turini began her career under the direction of Yves Saint Laurent as the Public Relations Coordinator. While Under Tom Ford, Turini handled press for both men's, women's, and celebrity dressing. After working there for three years, Turini eventually ventured off into the world of editorial and accepted a position as an Accessories Editor for W Magazine. From there, she moved within Conde Nast and became the Accessories Director at Teen Vogue. A few other fantastic roles Turini has held throughout her career include Creative Consultant, Freelance Fashion Editor, and Stylist.

2. Olori Swank: Known for her electric blue hair and fearless style, the celebrity fashion stylist has such an extensive resume of stars she’s dressed. As a former pre-med student with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Swank has dressed Keyshia Cole, Tyrese, Teyana Taylor, Lance Gross, and much more. In addition, Swank has styled red carpet events while also appearing on networks like BET, OWN Network, and CNN to name a few. Check out our exclusive interview with the University of Georgia graduate.

3. Ty Hunter: Best known for being Queen Bey's right-hand man and longtime stylist, the inventor of the Ty-Lite never misses a red carpet appearance. While making sure Queen Bey slays every time, Hunter's personal style is always one to watch.

4. Law Roach: If you've ever wondered how and why Zendaya looks great in any appearance or photo shoot, you have to thank her incredible stylist, Law Roach. Aside from serving as a judge n America's Next Top Model, Roach also co-created Zendaya's collection, Daya. 

These fashion forward designers and stylists have worked on some amazing projects, and they are just getting started. Who are some of your favorite fashion influencers? Let us know in the comments below! 

TEEN REPORTER | Ajea Nicole is a junior at Lasell College located in her hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. As a Communications major with a concentration in journalism, the 20 year-old loves every aspect of the journalistic world including topics related to fitness, fashion, style, social media and more. In her spare time she appreciates travel, blogging, discovering new food and reading great books.