Source: Paytra Gessler

The 30-Minute Booty-Building Workout ANYONE Can Do


With a change in seasons around the corner (Hello, fall!), now's a great time to get started on new fitness goals. Looking for fun ways to build your legs and booty at the same time? As a personal trainer, volume training (VT) — the manipulation of repetitions, sets, and weight/resistance — is often my main focus because it gets both jobs done, fast. VT works by helping to create tiny tears in your muscle fibers, that through continued exercise, grow back stronger and more toned. So far, I've gained over 15 pounds of leg/booty muscle in just one year, and you can too.

Since we aren’t using any weights or gym equipment, we'll need to increase our total number of reps and sets. Try to complete each workout without rest until the end of the sequence. Then, take a one to two-minute break before starting the sequence over three to five times. Keep scrolling to get started!

Exercise #1: 25 Squat Jumps


Put your hands behind your head, so that you don’t use your arm’s momentum for help. Sit back into the squat as if you were sitting down into a beanbag chair. Next, jump up, pushing the weight of your body through the heels of your feet.

Exercise #2: 30-Second Squat Hold


Right after your final squat jump, hold a squat position for 30 seconds. Make sure your knees remain at a 90-degree angle and your weight is supported evenly throughout your feet. Pro tip: Squeeze your booty for increased muscle tension.

Exercise #3: 20 Alternating Single-Leg Deadlifts


Alternate between your left and right leg. Slightly bend one knee and lean forward to touch your toes, pushing your hips back as you raise your back foot. Make sure your back is flat during the entire motion. You should feel a stretching sensation in your hamstring before returning back to standing position.

Exercise #4: 15 Double-Pulse Walking Lunges (Per Leg)


Take a large stride and lower your hips straight down until your front knee is at a 90-degree angle. Then, raise up about five inches before going all the way back down again. After the double pulse motion, begin the next lunge on the opposite leg without rest. If space is limited, complete this exercise in place. 

Exercise #5: 15 Bulgarian Split-Squats (Per Leg)


Using a chair or step to place your rear foot on, lower your hips until the back knee is roughly seven inches from the ground. Pushing your body weight through your front heel, return back to the starting position. Complete 15 squats before switching legs. Your booty should be on fire by now!

Exercise #6: 10 Curtsy Lunges to Squat Combo (Per Leg)


Complete a regular squat before going into a curtsy lunge. A curtsy lunge is like a regular lunge except your right foot goes further to the left in a diagonal motion (and vice-versa).

Exercise #7: 15 Single-Leg Hip Thrusts (Per Leg)


Lie on the ground with your knees bent and hands just barely reaching the heels of your feet. Raise one leg in the air and thrust your hips up, using the opposite leg for leverage. Once in the air, squeeze your booty before lowering yourself back down. Finish all 15 thrusts before switching legs.

This high-energy workout takes anywhere between 30-45 minutes to complete. Repeat the circuit as many times as you can but make sure to focus on the quality of your form. Remember: An exercise can be repeated 100 times, but without the correct form, it’s useless. When you're finished, have a snack with a two-to-one carbohydrate to protein ratio. Since we're aiming to build more muscle, you'll need to refuel afterwards and give your body the nutrition it needs to recover. Cheers to booty-building! 

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