3 Student Discounts You Need to Take Advantage of

One of the best things about college—besides all the freedom—are the discounts that are offered to you. The way I see it, merchants want to reward college students, for deciding to further their education, to better their future. On the other hand, they feel college students are the most impulsive consumer age group and want to take advantage of that. Either way, many websites and companies offer wonderful discounts for college students. Here are 3 discounts you’ll love:
For a college student, Amazon.com is your online best friend. When it comes to buying extras of toiletries, textbooks, appliances, or electronics, Amazon is the place to go. Not only is Amazon an online version of Costco or Sam’s Club, but it is also like EBay. You can find items in bulk, at discounted prices the way you would find in regular stores. What else is so great about Amazon? When you sign up for an Amazon Student Account, you are given FREE shipping on anything you buy on the site. In addition, they give you a free Amazon Prime membership (allows for 2-day shipping) for One Year. I used Amazon Prime for my entire textbook purchases last year and for stocking up or anything, I needed for my dorm room. The 2-day shipping was so convenient. In my opinion, there really is no downside to using Amazon. At the same time, don’t indulge all your shopping pleasures with this great site. Only buy what you need when you actually need it.
Adobe Software
For those of you who love Graphic Design or anything digitally design related, you will love Adobe. Even those of you who don’t love graphics can benefit from this discount. It never hurts to learn InDesign or Photoshop (great resume booster). Adobe (the multimedia and creativity software giant) offers students with amazing discounts on all of the software products they offer. Instead of paying $1,899 for a copy of their Creative Suite Premium software, you only have to pay $499. That is quite a steal. To access these great discounts, one should go to theAdobe Online Education Store. Follow the instructions for the rebates for the software you desire.I’m definitely taking advantage of this discount this year; I am in dire need of InDesign and Photoshop.
Microsoft Software
I cannot think of any student who doesn’t use Microsoft products, especially Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. As you all know, Microsoft isn’t free and certainly isn’t cheap. However, being a student, you are again rewarded with a wonderful discount. The makers of Microsoft provide students with a Microsoft Office Bundle that comes with Word, PowerPoint and Excel for $79.95. For those who use Apple computers, there is a student bundle for you as well, that $119.99 (sorry but you chose the more expensive computer so face the consequences). When I got my new mac for school, my parents purchased the Office for Mac bundle as well, it proved to be a great investment. To attain these great discounts—which certainly come in handy during college and beyond—visit the Microsoft Student Discounts Store
For other awesome discounts for clothing, software, cell phones, and other products, visit the sites below:
Don’t use the discounts just because they are available to you. Use them because you actually need them. There is no point in wasting money on things you don’t need. Use the discounts wisely because discounts are another way students fall into the hole of despair we all call debt.
Happy frugal shopping!

FINANCE REPORTER | Yemi loves college life. The New Jersey native is a sophomore majoring in Psychology and Brain Sciences at Johns Hopkins University. While at school, Yemi is a mentor and tutor for Baltimore City high school students and helps in the admissions office hosting activities and overnight visits for prospective Hopkins students. She is also a proud member of Phi Mu Women’s Fraternity as well as JHU’s African Student Association. Outside of school, she adores traveling, listening to music and spending time with friends and family. This year she hopes to further exploring Baltimore, become more involved in her sorority, and learn Spanish and Yoruba. After graduation, the third year Teen Reporter wants to work in marketing within the music industry.