3 Simple Ways to Stay Sane this School Year


It’s no secret that the first couple months of the school year are stressful. Transitioning into an unfamiliar environment, accommodating a new lifestyle, and being surrounded by people you don’t know is pretty intimidating. Although this new chapter of your life is meant to prepare you for the real world, the stress of a college lifestyle can have some pretty drastic effects on your psychological, physiological and spiritual health. That is why it is vital to ensure that these important attributes of your well-being stay intact.

1. Take Time for Yourself

Schoolwork is quite important; it’s the whole reason you decided to attend your college/university. All-nighters and cram sessions are inevitable. Therefore taking time out of your day and dedicating it to yourself is key to keeping your cool. Whether it be going for a walk after class, calling a friend/family member from home, or writing an excerpt from your day’s activities can go a long way. These little debriefing moments can allow you to vent and not hold in the little to big things that may be bothering you on a day to day basis.

2. Monitor Your Health

Many college students often dismiss physical health because of the demand of their schedules. To solve this problem, students join activities and organizations that keep them active. But what if you can’t take the extra time to do so? Try simple health hacks such as watching your portion sizes, monitoring your snacking habits, trading sugary drinks for water, or even just taking the steps rather than the elevator. Even small changes can make a difference.

3. You’re Not Alone

Through your journey in college, you will always have a support system. Whether it be your friends, your religion, or family, someone will always be there to listen. Personally, I attended chapel services every Sunday. The program was no more than an hour, but I always left feeling empowered. Through my darkest days, these were learning points, to prepare me for the next challenge that may come. Chapel was also a great outlet to let go of what had been bothering me that week and hand my problems over to the Lord. Even though campus chapel is not my church home, the inviting atmosphere and encouragement of my fellow Hamptonians allow the experience to be an enjoyable one.

College is not an easy transition, but it transforms us into the young adults that we’re destined to be. There will be challenges that come your way, but it’s up to you on how you take them on. Encounter every challenge without hesitation, making you stronger and smarter than the day before. Along the way, ensure that you are ok; taking time for yourself, monitoring your health, and having a support system. These tips, as well as many others that you will acquire on your journey, will guide you towards a successful destination.

Jasmine Morton is a sophomore biology pre-med major attending Hampton University. Her favorite color is purple, explaining her vibrant personality. Considering the fact that she is a science major, any topics in regards to human and environmental health is what she likes to write about most. Her hobbies include playing the saxophone and hiking with her friends in the local national parks. Some female journalists that inspire her are Margaret Fuller and Nellie Bly because of the lengths they went through to seek out the truth and inform the public. Her career goal is to become a pediatrician, promoting healthy living habits to her patients and their families.