3 Powerful Ways to Overcome Self- Doubt and Boost Your Confidence


It's common to go through periods of time when you think you're not good enough for that school, that job, or incapable of reaching any other goal that we set for ourselves. It’s natural for your inner voice to appear and easy for it to derail you from your path to success. The way to overcome this, especially if you deal with it more often than others, is to establish habits that promote self-love and positivity so you can accomplish your goals. Here are some tips to do just that so you can get back on your grind:

1. Pause.

In times when you're stuck on auto-pilot, the stress that inevitably comes from dealing with your daily responsibilities can build up and cause you to end up in a frenzy. Take a moment to step back from things that may cause you more stress and self-doubt.

3. Identify the cause of your self-doubt.

Take a moment to pinpoint what causes you to feel self-doubt and why. Why do you feel like you won't accomplish that goal, and what can you do at that moment to stop that feeling? Is it insecurity? Do you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others? Do you feel like your circumstances prevent you from reaching your dreams? If you want to, reflect on these thoughts in a journal so you can keep track of your growth in the future.

3. Indulge in self-love instead.

Positive affirmations are the best way to improve your mood and make yourself feel empowered. Replace those thoughts of self-doubt with statements at the start of your day and whenever you feel down. You can even take a page from Being Mary Jane and write your affirmations on sticky notes and place them around your room, so they're the first thing you see in the morning.

Your journey to accomplish a goal will include ups and downs. It's so easy to get caught in that rollercoaster of emotions but remember to keep them in perspective so that you don't unnecessarily get slowed down. Don't get discouraged to the point where you keep yourself in your comfort zone. Continue to set high goals and challenge yourself because that’s when real growth happens.

Kési Felton is a sophomore at Howard University in Washington, DC majoring in Journalism. Having attended writing and photojournalism summer camps, and growing up around Atlanta's CNN Center she discovered her love for journalistic writing. She enjoys writing in general as a way to share her life story and connect with others on a larger platform. Her other hobbies and passions include blogging, listening to music, and finding new ways to live a healthier and more mindful life.