3 Major Tips for Starting A Successful YouTube Channel


It’s time to finally start that YouTube channel you have been dreaming of! However,launching a video platform isn’t as easy as it seems… in fact, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, time and commitment, but before you create your channel take a look at what some gurus have to say!

1. Be Yourself.

Youtuber, Ashley D. Beauty on gaining a following and being “successful”:
“Be genuine, be honest, be unapologetically yourself, be open with people and bring something to YouTube…People like to see productions people like to see the effort that you put in to the content that you produce for them.”
There is no better person you can be besides yourself! At the end of the day, YouTube is a platform for many to share their interests and connect with people who share similar interests. So whatever your focus is…be you and be great!
Ashley D. Beauty


2. Provide Quality.


“There is a lot of competition… The main thing if you are going to be starting a channel is to create good quality content. Invest in a good camera, invest in good editing software and just in general make good quality videos. Also…make sure that you are specializing in a niche that you like, and a niche that will cater to your audience over a long period of time (longevity).” 
Content is Key! YouTuber’s continuously make the same videos however; quality makes a difference, especially when it comes to beauty videos. Being able to provide content that is informative, entertaining, unique and noteworthy is a must! Not only will it keep watchers engaged, but it will also prompt viewers to subscribe.
Shirley B. Eniang
Q & A | Starting YouTube, Style, Fitness etc.

3. Do Your Research.

Nobody knows everything but one of the best things you can do when starting something new is doing your research! From different cameras, camera lenses, lighting and editing software, things can get a bit overwhelming. Check out “tech guru,” Shameless Maya and her videos on Technology in her featured Tech Talks.
Shameless Maya

2.     How to Film and Photograph Yourself

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These were just a few key tips for jump starting a successful YouTube channel, but the most important tip is to have fun! If you have a passion for makeup, beauty, skincare…etc. and you enjoy sharing your personal tips and tricks… YouTube is for you! Just remember the tips above and you will be sure to thrive. Good Luck!

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