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The 3 Best Products For Naturally Curly Hair


Sweat Sisters, have you ever thought about starting the natural hair journey, but didn’t know the right products, to begin with? Well, wait no longer! Here is an exclusive insider on how you can begin your journey!

When it comes to curly hair, there are different types of curl patterns. You may have kinky, wavy or a combination of coily-curly hair. As a curly haired girl, I know the struggles of the love-hate relationship you may have with your hair. One day you could be having a great hair day, curls poppin', then the next it's dry and lifeless. One key struggle that many people may have is keeping their hair moisturized, especially throughout the colder seasons.  

My favorite moisturizer to use is the Leave-In Conditioner by Mielle Organics. I use this product for my everyday styles, along with their curling custard in the Pomegranate & Honey collection to define my curls. Adventure out and consider trying their products, because not only do they leave your hair smelling and looking good, but it will feel a whole lot better! You can find these products at your local Target, Walmart or beauty supply store. 
The main thing you should be doing when finding the right products for your hair is looking at the ingredients. As you research, you'll probably find a great deal of information on limiting or not using products that contain sulfates and alcohol. This is because they are not natural ingredients and can defeat your hair goals. These chemicals only provide a short-term solution which coats your hair with product build-up, this can cause extreme dryness and even causes irritation to the scalp. 
A great product for a good ol' wash-n-go is the Not Your Mothers Curl Defining Shampoo & Conditioner collection. I haven't used this product yet, but I plan to very soon. I’ve seen the line in multiple stores and I've always heard great feedback. Again, even if this does not work on your hair, there is no shame in trying something new until you've found the best fit for you. 

Another all natural product to try for cleansing your hair is Maui Moisture. The great thing is you get to choose what shampoo and conditioner are best for you based on your hair type. It clearly states on the bottle whether it's for “Dry, Damaged hair” or “Thick, Curly." They also have products for twist-outs, blow-outs, and special treatments. I recently bought the Curl Quench + Coconut Oil shampoo and conditioner, so I will definitely update you all on my experience. 

Now that you have the tea on the type of products to consider and what products to use sparingly, share your natural hair journey with us! What hair products worked best for you? Have you tried the products recommended? We would love to hear your experience!
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