12 Minute Calorie-Torching No-Equipment Full-Body Workout for Anywhere


This is a no-excuses workout. All of the movements are suitable for a small space: a dorm room, the bedroom or living room of your tiny apartment, or if you feel inclined to sweat with nature, in your driveway! If done correctly, each of these moves target either the butt and thighs, challenge upper body strength, or test your balance and agility in under 15 minutes. This HIIT-inspired circuit-based workout is a lifesaver on days when you simply do not have time to put an hour in at the gym.

The sweat-drenching routine includes five exercises for 30 seconds, four times through with no rest in between the moves. Rest ideally for 30-45 seconds in between the four circuits and really push yourself to get the most out of this full body blast! Of course, you should listen to your body if you need to take longer breaks. Use a timer on your phone or computer to help you keep track of the time throughout the routine. Sweat on!

Switch Jump Lunges:


Begin in a lunge position. Your knees should be bent at a 90 degree angle to the ground. Push off the ground into the air and alternate the leading leg. Switch back and forth, repeating the motion. This will test your balance. Remember to engage your core (which means to mindfully and actively keep it tight and strong). This will help you to keep your center through the motion without loosing your balance.

Jump Squats:


This is the ultimate thigh burner. Begin in a squat position with your feet a slightly wider than hip width apart and your hand touching or as close to the ground as you can. Using the strength in you legs, squat as deep as you can and forcefully jump up into the air and back down into a squat. Repeat as quickly and forcefully as you can.

Plank Jacks:


Start in push up position with your hands underneath your shoulders. Jump both your feet out to the sides as if you would a regular jumping jack, and bring them closely back together. Repeat as quickly and seamlessly as you can.

Jab, Jab, Cross, Hook, Hook, Switch Combo


Begin with one leg slightly bent in front of the other and assume a strong stance. Starting in a guard position with both your fists in front of your face, quickly extend your full arm with your hands still in a balled fist. Pop back into guard position and swiftly repeat once more. Return to guard position, then turn your back foot inward and punch across yourself with a new arm. Return to guard position then bring one elbow to shoulder height so it forms a 90 degree angle and repeat with the opposite elbow. Assume guard position and switch legs to repeat the combo on the opposite side. Remember to make each move strong and engage your core.

Jumping Jack + High Kick Combo


For a jumping jack, start with feet together and hands by your sides. Jump your feet out while bringing your hands completely above your head. Then quickly kick one foot out in front of you as high as you can. Complete another jumping jack and repeat on the opposite leg.

How many circuits could you get through? What was your favorite move from this workout? Share below in the comments!

Mecca Russell, is a graduate from The New School in New York City. Both her Journalism & Design coursework and internship experience reflect the intersections of reporting, photo, and documentary. She enjoys storytelling through mediums of film, writing, and photography and is inspired by journalism's power to tell untold stories. She's contributed to Teen Diaries & Pretty Girls Sweat as a weekly writer and reporter. When she is not editing or writing, Mecca is often found browsing through books at your local bookstore, sipping a matcha latte, or dripping in sweat after a HIIT and strength training workout in the early mornings. Mecca is also a singer-songwriter and can be found gigging around her city quite frequently. She looks forward to learning new ideas everyday and is always up for a challenge!