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11-Year-Old Talent Alison Fernandez Shares Health Secrets


Alison Fernandez is not your average 6th grader. With experience working in top shows like “Law & Order: SSVU” and “Orange is the New Black,” the 11-year-old has made great strides in fulfilling her goals. Most notable has been her recent project starring as Delilah in the new X-Men movie “Logan” - “an experience of a lifetime” she shares, where she spent her time, “learning the behind the scenes of stunt doubles, choreography, and special effects, plus meeting all the cast, crew, and stunt people.”
Despite her strong involvement in the entertainment industry, she makes her education a priority while participating in physical extracurricular activities such as gymnastics, cheerleading, and Taekwondo. How does she do it? She tells, “Well for me education comes first, so I make sure to keep my grades up so I can have time to take off for my auditions. When I'm working on a set, it's easy because I always have a private tutor. When I'm not working or have auditions I keep busy and fit doing my activities. The only thing I'm sad about is I can't be on a team due to my commitment to my acting career.”

After being introduced to the martial arts, Fernandez enrolled in a few Taekwondo classes and fell in love, even earning a national and international Black Belt ranking in 2016. Of all three sports, she enjoys Taekwondo the most and hopes to continue practicing the art in the future. Her commitment to doing what she loves and promoting a healthy lifestyle is what makes her a Pretty Girl that Sweats! To her, the slogan "PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT" is a concept that she has learned through staying active because sweating and working out has helped her look and feel better.
Alison Fernandez is an inspiration to all. She is living proof that anyone, even someone as young as her, has the potential to follow their dreams! For 2017, she hopes to improve her social skills and land a leading role on a network TV show along with staying fit and active. As she heads onto her next project with ABC series “Once Upon a Time” to develop her character, she sheds one last piece of advice to aspiring athletes and talents: “Don't rush it, practice it daily, give yourself a good amount of time to learn it, and never give up.”

Good luck on your endeavors, Alison!

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