11 Soothing Songs to Play While Studying


Listening to music while studying can really help you get into the zone. Whether you're working on a big paper or cramming for an exam, the right playlist can be vital to your overall productivity level. While it is encouraged to stay away from the hottest hits, there really are no rules to your music selection as long as it works. Try these 11 songs we put together to help you relax and end your study session on a high note. Happy listening!

1. "Tempo" - Chris Brown

This mid-tempo track can ease your mind and keep you on your toes as you begin studying.

2. "Crew" - Goldlink ft. Brent Faiyaz, Shy Glizzy

Just imagine when you’re done with all of your exams. It will feel like money is all around you.

3. "2" - H.E.R.

Finals thought they were playing you, but really you are playing them 2.

4. "Too Much" - Drake ft. Sampha

Don’t think about it too much! But seriously... overthinking doesn’t help you stay productive.

5. "Come Through and Chill" - Salaam Remi ft. Miguel

While you take a coffee break, remember to stay in a chill mindset.

6. "While We’re Young" - Jhene Aiko

While you're young, cramming for exams is a right of passage. 

7. "Roses" - BJ The Chicago Kid

F’s on finals are pretty rare, let’s keep it that way.

8. "November" - Tyler the Creator

November marks the month of finals. Remember that time you killed your exams? This track will take you back to that glorious achievement.

9. "Girl" - The Internet ft. Kaytranada

Girl, you got this! Power through it.

10. Until the End of Time - Justin Timberlake ft. Beyonce

“Rest your weary heart and relax your mind” …. You heard Justin.

11. "Blessed" - Daniel Caesar

It’s a blessing to have made it this far! Now all you have to do is pass these tests. Note: The whole Freudian Album sets a relaxing tone that is great for studying.

Creating a comfortable environment for studying is essential. Research has shown that Studying While Listening to Music can help students to retain and understand information. So get those headphones ready and begin to absorb each course one song at a time. Tell us your favorite song to listen to while studying in the comments below!


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