11 Must-Watch Sweat Makes Cents Video


Childhood Obesity Awareness Month has arrived and that means our annual SWEAT MAKES CENTS fundraiser and childhood obesity awareness campaign that benefits the Teen Diaries Foundation, is officially underway. During the month of September, PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT challenges sweat sisters to get fit and give back by completing as many jumping jacks as possible, posting a short video of themselves in action on social media, and getting friends, family, and followers to sponsor 10 cents for each jumping jack they complete. Since its inception, the Sweat Makes Cents hashtag has accumulated nearly 500 posts on Instagram and the philanthropic movement continues to grow each year.

To celebrate the start of the 2017 campaign season, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite jumping jack clips from our sweat sisters. Check out 11 must-watch SWEAT MAKES CENTS Videos below:

1. @PiecesofCee

2. @Jenno_fit

3. @Mm3prit

4. @Prettygirlssweat_hu

5. @Stephworam

6. @Prettygirlssweatcau

7. @Prettygirlssweatub

8. @Thelyricaljaz


9. @Ananna_kazi


10. @Prettygirlssweatccm

11. @Lamovement

For more information, you can visit the Sweat Makes Cents FAQ page. You can also donate directly to PRETTY GIRL SWEAT’S Sweat Makes Cents 2017 campaign page HERE!

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