10 Must-See Sports Movies to Watch

After a long day of classes, sometimes you just want to kick back, relax and watch some classics. Timeless movies that have the theme of sports weaved through the story line are some of the best flicks. Bundle up, grab a movie buddy, and check out one (or all) of my top 10 go to sports movies.
1. Remember the Titans
A football team triumphs through segregation and hardships amongst each other. It’s so well done and teaches so many morals.
2. The Sandlot
A boy moves into a new town and learns how to play baseball. Rumors get out of hand and people believe the evil before they see the good. It is full of such funny corny humor and its very entertaining. A classic!
3. Bend it like Beckham
A girl that is forced to choose between soccer and family; see what she ends up doing. So inspirational and I cannot even begin to express the humor.
4. Angels in the Outfield
A baseball team gets a little unexplained help and a family finds each other in this beautiful movie. I love everything about this film and it brings tears to my eyes because it’s just so sweet.
5. The Blind Side
Based on a true story, an unfortunate deprived boy is taken in by a wealthy family and added to the family. It teaches so much about love, family and determination that it is simply amazing.
 6. Miracle
A true story that involves over-comings and a stop to a government fight to put it all on the ice. It’s so inspirational that I quote from it with teammates constantly.
7. Love and Basketball
Pretty much summed up as two basketball players who fall in love. I think it’s easy to connect with and it’s just so nice to watch.
8. The Heart of the game
A documentary of a girl’s high school basketball team. It really goes deep behind the scenes. It makes me want to do more for myself and pushes me to work as hard as I can.
9. Space Jam
Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes characters, need I say more? It’s a classic that I cannot stop enjoying. Ever since I was little I have loved this movie and I just cannot get enough of the Looney Tunes gang.
10. Snow Dogs
A dentist is put into a new situation but makes the best of things with his new doggies. I just love snow dogs because they work so hard and are so loyal and determined for each other.
Have fun ladies.
What’s your favorite sports movie?

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